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After last month’s experience with the mice, I thought I’d gotten rid of them once and for all. However, in the past few days I’ve noticed a rather foul odor by the front door with no idea what was causing it. So, remembering that the mouse/mice last month were able to get in and run around under the cooktop, I lifted it up and cleaned it really well, thinking perhaps it was mouse turds or something causing the smell. Nope, it was still there. I cleaned everything else – nope, still there.


So, I decided to take a break and read one of the new books from the library, this one Dan Brown’s latest, Lost Symbol. There I was, happily comfortable on the bed, when I happened to look down on the floor for some reason and, what do my wondering eyes should appear, but a miniature MOUSE (cordless), calmly sitting there munching away on a crumb of something. Normally the things just take off, but this one just stayed there, daring me to catch it. I grabbed whatever was handy (a fleece vest), scooped him/her up, and tossed the creature out the door and into the canyon.


I then shampooed the carpet (hasn’t been done before) and at least the place looked clean. However, the smell still lingered by the door. In fact, it seemed to be coming FROM the door. Hmm. Oh, yeah. Two days ago I finally removed the shrink plastic from the screen areas that helped keep out the cold in Kansas and the sand/dust from the beach and the desert. Could it be that dirt and whatever else had collected on one side? Well, it was easy enough to clean it all off. Guess what? I think that did it. Who knew?


Now to destroy whatever welcome mat is attracting the creatures.





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