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Since I’ve been sleeping outside on the patio for at least a week, I’ve pretty much gotten used to it being, if not completely dark, at least almost there. However, tonight screams daylight. Woke up about 12:00 to a beautiful moon so full and bright I thought it was noon instead of midnight. (slight exaggeration there, but not a lot). To top it off, my mom was still awake in the living room, reading, and that light spread outside to the patio. Then there are the ubiquitous streetlights. When I sleep in the bedroom, one shines directly into the window. Several months ago I quietly and sneakily unscrewed the bulb and no one noticed for a month. Perhaps it’s time to do it again. Now I’m wide awake and have been catching up on friends’ blogs, especially those from Sebastian, who I met several years ago in Kanab, Utah. He has been living in a small Casita trailer which he tows to various out-back and off-road places, and writes about the experience living “off the grid” with his cats. Although I don’t think I’d like to spend most of my time so far away from civilization, this time in San Diego, with all the traffic, noise, light pollution, people, and speed of life has convinced me of the need to just get away from it all for a while, if only for a short time. The RV patiently awaits. Now if the price of gas would just go down a little more.


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