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Coloring page

I’ve been fighting a cold this week, with the cold probably winning. Yesterday I wasn’t feeling very wonderful, but went out to breakfast with friends anyway, needing to get out of the house.  One man met me in the restaurant with a children’s coloring page in one hand, a small box of three crayons in the other, and a huge grin on his face. How could I refuse?

Of course, being extremely creative in coloring a picture of a pirate chest of buried treasure, a ship, and lots of palm trees on an island is a bit tricky with only the colors red, yellow, and green. So, I asked the server if she had a blue crayon as well. She brought it to me and I began coloring. We had to leave before I finished my masterpiece, so my friend offered to have it taped up on the restaurant wall, along with the other kids’ pictures. But, for some reason I decided to take it home.

Although I can create wonderful things with fabrics, I’ve never been known for my extreme artistic talent, and didn’t even have any crayons around. Then I remembered the tray of watercolor pencils that someone left in the shed several years ago. I’d saved them under the assumption that I might learn how to use them someday. However, that never happened and I’d relegated them to the large plastic bag of other things for the next Goodwill donation.

I dug them out and set to work. Hey, this was fun! It was so easy to use a sharp pencil as a watercolor brush.  And so many colors!!! There were four shades of gold, perfect for pieces of eight.

I entertained myself for about an hour, forgetting how horrible I felt, and by the end of that time, I felt quite satisfied with the completed picture.

I took it to coffee this morning and everyone ooh-ed and aah-ed. That felt good. I gave the picture to the artistic instigator and he promised to put it up on his refrigerator. I asked him to be sure to use the fancy magnets.

Now, I wonder if I could use those pencils to paint away this cold?

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