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I’ve been fighting a cold this week, with the cold probably winning. Yesterday I wasn’t feeling very wonderful, but went out to breakfast with friends anyway, needing to get out of the house.  One man met me in the restaurant with a children’s coloring page in one hand, a small box of three crayons in the other, and a huge grin on his face. How could I refuse?

Of course, being extremely creative in coloring a picture of a pirate chest of buried treasure, a ship, and lots of palm trees on an island is a bit tricky with only the colors red, yellow, and green. So, I asked the server if she had a blue crayon as well. She brought it to me and I began coloring. We had to leave before I finished my masterpiece, so my friend offered to have it taped up on the restaurant wall, along with the other kids’ pictures. But, for some reason I decided to take it home.

Although I can create wonderful things with fabrics, I’ve never been known for my extreme artistic talent, and didn’t even have any crayons around. Then I remembered the tray of watercolor pencils that someone left in the shed several years ago. I’d saved them under the assumption that I might learn how to use them someday. However, that never happened and I’d relegated them to the large plastic bag of other things for the next Goodwill donation.

I dug them out and set to work. Hey, this was fun! It was so easy to use a sharp pencil as a watercolor brush.  And so many colors!!! There were four shades of gold, perfect for pieces of eight.

I entertained myself for about an hour, forgetting how horrible I felt, and by the end of that time, I felt quite satisfied with the completed picture.

I took it to coffee this morning and everyone ooh-ed and aah-ed. That felt good. I gave the picture to the artistic instigator and he promised to put it up on his refrigerator. I asked him to be sure to use the fancy magnets.

Now, I wonder if I could use those pencils to paint away this cold?

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Just when I started questioning myself, wondering if my need to help change the world in a compassionate way was somehow wrong, not normal, misguided, whatever words people have used, someone I care about very much let me know my craziness has helped her and her husband communicate better. “Although I don’t always agree with what you say, I’ve found that instead of just watching TV, we are now able to talk about what we’ve seen.”  She added that they now even allow themselves to question some of their long-held ideas and beliefs and be a little more open about disagreements.

To me, that was worth all the self-questioning in the world.

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