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I’m parked at the Rest Area in Seeley, Ca, near El Centro, eating lunch and catching up on email,  but wanted to write a little about making this RV mine.

Ever since I’ve had this little motorhome, five years now, I’ve been bugged by one of the propane sensors. That’s right, ONE of them. For some reason, someone installed not one but two of them. I’m pretty sure the original is the one in the correct place: about six inches off the floor in the kitchen area. That makes sense because propane gas is fairly heavy and doesn’t really rise. But the second one was (catch that word?) located about a foot from the ceiling in the living area, about as far away from any propane as it could possibly be. I have no idea why they stuck it up there, right above a window.

Anyway, that one regularly beeped for no particular reason. It was just a fault and I was always able to stop the beep by pressing the fault button. But what a pain.  I turned off the propane at the tank when leaving Tucson yesterday, so when the thing beeped again at 2:30 this morning, awakening me from a sound sleep, I decided to get tough. I pulled the special automotive screwdriver, you know, the one with the square tip, out of the drawer and flipped the levers on the circuit breaker. After removing the two screws and pulling the sensor away from the wall, I disconnected all the wires, taped the plastic caps back on the ends, and stuffed them into the hole in the wall. And now that hole is now covered with a small picture.  I turned the propane back on and everything is just fine with no more beeping in the middle of the night.

My next project to make this rig mine will be to replace the panel on the front of the refrigerator. I thought I could just reverse it but in their infinite wisdom the company didn’t make it reversible. However, it will be an easy fix to replace it with something other than brown. I’m plotting what it will be.

Last year I probably wouldn’t have removed the malfunctioning sensor and tossed it in the trash, thinking perhaps that the company probably installed it for some good reason. But, I’m now discovering that my own knowledge and experience usually is correct. Feels good, too.

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