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It was way too hot to stay inside tonight because 275 miles of heat from driving through the desert today refuses to leave this little RV. So, I ate dinner outside under the stars. After munching carrots, celery, peanut butter, cream cheese, a plum, and half a bagel, I brought out a couple of pillows for my head and an afghan to pad the top of the picnic table a bit. The moon hasn’t risen yet and the Milky Way is beautifully clear. It always amazes me to realize that we’re all part of it. I saw quite a few planes, I assume from Tucson International Airport, as well as a satellite gliding smoothly across the sky from south to north. Then, out of the corner of my eye, a bright meteor streaked from north to south. I assume it might be a remnant of the peak of the Orionids yesterday and the day before. It’s so quiet out here, eleven miles from the highway, that chewing even seemed too noisy. It’s still too hot inside, so I think I’ll put the narrow memory foam topper from the bed on the top of the picnic table, add the pillows, sheets, and a blanket, and sleep out there tonight. The temperature is supposed to drop from a high of 98 today down to a balmy 66 overnight. Perfect for sleeping outside.

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